October 11th, 2006

tartty jonne

Move along....nothing to see here

Something I’ve noticed in the recent months is that I’m sadly slipping away from LJ. My coms seem to have slackened off and my time to devote to keeping up with all of it has dwindled to something nearly nonexistent. It makes me profoundly sad to admit to myself that soon I may have no more use for it all. Even my Myspace has suffered. Anyhow, that’ll figure itself out one way or the other.

So an update on the past few days. Got notice on Monday that my term is extended through December. Went on a celebratory shopping spree at Woodfield with Christie. Enjoyed it, but was still finding it difficult to pull myself out of the funk I've been in over this job for almost a month. Enjoyed Cheesecake Factory scrumptiousness in celebration. Planted flower bulbs yesterday morning, returned home yesterday afternoon to see the squirrel munching on my bulbs. He had dug up half the pretty black irises I planted. DRAT! I retrieved the anti-squirrel device (an old aluminum bat) while Dad laid out mousetraps to catch the bushy tailed rat. Mom and I checked them this morning, they were thankfully empty. Would’ve served him right to catch a skunk or something. There’s a fleet of 7 sleek grey tour buses in our lot this morning for tonight’s Stones concert. It’s gonna be heck getting off campus this afternoon to get home. I smell a fist shaking at the CTA coming on. Skipped down to the President’s address which was surprisingly informative and non-dull.