October 9th, 2006

tartty jonne

I get to keep my JOB!!!!

Dad left the coffee on the burner this morning so by the time I got to my second cup it was bitter sludge, ick. Couldn’t figure out what to wear cuz I wanted to dress nicely today (not jeans) and all the pants that were clean are black. All the shirts that are clean are either black or the fall/winter stuff I had two years ago before I left for Memphis which are now out dated and too big. Nothing fits and even some of my belts are no longer doing the trick. I keep forgetting to weigh myself, it’ll be very gratifying to finally see how much I’ve lost. Although there’s something to be said for maintaining a steady weight-you actually have something to wear when you look in your closet. Vive le stairs and their slimming properties!

Passed the staging area for the Columbus Day parade this morning. Festive crepe paper draped Nina, Pinta and Santa Marias lined the LSD this morning. It was an odd sight.

And While I was writing this, the most wonderful news of all: I can STAY!!!!!!

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