October 6th, 2006


Apple cookies

Went apple picking yesterday. Took forever, stupid mapquest gave us bogus directions so we drove around on 64 forever. Gave up and went to the Plank Road orchard. It was fun, less than as cool as the other place was supposed to be but still nifty. We picked tons of apples-a 5lb bag of tasty crisp looking apples. I brought one for a snack today so we'll see how it actually tastes. Got some gross apple cider there too. It tasted like apple cider vinegar, wretched. Ewa popped into the library yesterday to visit, yay! I haven't seen her in ages. She brought pictures from the wedding and a book about Marie Antoinette I'm borrowing. Looks pretty good. Fighting with the external hard drive now so I must dash.
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