October 4th, 2006

tartty jonne

Just call me, Bond....James Bond

Ever had a moment in a meeting when your brain glitches and you hope to holy heck that no one noticed? I ask because it happened to me earlier this week. I’m sitting in a meeting, discussing our communication initiatives when a coworker’s shirt sleeve rode up, revealing a previously unseen tattoo circling his right bicep. Upon noting said anomaly my brain kicked into foolish unadulterated lust mode (I’m such a sucker for a tasteful tattoo) and I had a ga-ga moment that made me feel like a pubescent teenager. I have to giggle about it cuz that is so outside the realm of possibility.

Spent yesterday running around Stratford looking for a dress to wear to Jess’s wedding. Upon shopping with Shivangi for something for her I came to a sad conclusion that the one I was planning to wear was way too fancy, so I launched into a search. Ended up spending almost an hour at Forever 21 while we tried on practically every appropriate dress they had, and some inappropriate ones. The fitting room lady was super nice and helpful, finding us all kinds of stuff we hadn’t seen or hadn’t thought of, even to the point of pulling stuff out of a shipment waiting to go on the racks. I ended up with this fabulous black and white and grey floral print dress with a floofy skirt and tulle peeking from its hem. Bought the new Evanescence, it rocks. Also got two kinds of black dye. Will see how this bridesmaid's dress I've got takes color...I have a costume idea.

Am trying my damnedest to work around not knowing my future here. I’m supposed to be up on Oct 20 but there’s been talk of me staying through December. I want to so badly and this uncertainty is killing me. I was up half the night listening to my heart hammer with nerves. I’m certainly gonna give myself an ulcer over this.

Made a lunch and forgot it, drat! Shall now scamper down to CB for a long line resulting in a tasty expensive and bad for me lunch. Yum!
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