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23 September 2006 @ 06:24 pm
Went to the Rasmus show last night. They were great! All in all it was a pretty tame show- small crowd and no pit. Shivu and I got there late cuz we’re us annnndd cause the red line got stuck for a while. The tornado sirens went off while we were walking over there and it began to pour. We got fully and completely soaked – so wet that the heavy bottoms of our jeans were dragging them down and off all night. The first couple bands were good – I’d never heard of them, even now I don’t remember their names but they were pretty ok. The last opening act – Escape from Earth rocked hard. They were fun. After them, Shivu and I left Nikki to ru n downstairs and call Josh to find out what times the trains left. Milling about downstairs was Dan from Kill Hannah. I managed to not run shrieking up to him like a fangirl thank goodness for that –but mostly I’m too shy to. So I bought a tshirt, we got hold of Joshy and went back up. Sat down for a few seconds then the Rasmus came on. They were incredible! I tried so hard to take pictures that I wasn’t really seeing the show – I thought about all the stuff we discussed in visual class and tried to tuck the camera away. I got some good shots and some really terrible ones – I have got to learn how to use my camera. Towards the end of the set the security guard handed me a pick that hadn’t gotten thrown far enough – it ended up being Escape from Earth’s – mad cool! So, they played Shot, Immortal, First Day of My life, No fear, some others then Johnny Radtke came on and sang In the Shadows with them. It was AmaZING! I screamed then and rocked out like a crazy. I had no idea that Lauri played the guitar part for Immortal it was indescribably sexy – dark and riveting. As if you should be quiet and just listen. They even played a Finnish song, no idea what it meant or anything but it was fun. Lauri is just so cute – bouncy. He seems sweet and maybe a little high maintenance. He never held still long enough to get a picture except when he posed. It was kinda thoughtful, like he knew we wanted pictures and he knew we couldn’t get them. He did indeed have the crow feathers in his hair – all done up and into his persona. I will never understand how he makes that look sooo sexy – feathers in his hair, how does it work? I dunno but it really really does. And on the topic of hair, the poor guitarist kept flipping his poof of curls out of his eyes. I know exactly how he feels and I just wanted to go up there and pull it out of his face. I got a kick out of how little Lauri actually said – I think his English is very thin, it’s somehow endearing. The show ended promptly at 10, we said bye to Nikki then hustled out, caught a cab and managed to catch our respective early trains. So verdict is: It was an awesome show and I’m thrilled beyond measure I got to go!