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06 September 2006 @ 09:15 am
It’s been one of those mornings. Spilled foundation on my shirt, wiped it off as best I could and thought the vest will cover it. Ate strawberries for breakfast and dropped one on my shirt, it left a nice red pink stain at which point I decided to throw in the towel and change.

So I was already aggravated but then Mom starts to prattle on and it just irks me. Everything with her is “god wouldn’t do that” or “have you talked to god yet?” I get so tired of hearing that, you can’t ask her for advice or a problem because her answer is invariably “Trust it in God’s hands, he’ll help you figure it out.” Get off it. She talks like some loopy fanatic. When I was younger she tried to get me to read some stupid book about the Christian life and how the devil is everywhere and we must guard against it, so out there. Of late the statement has been “why is my sister so evil?” Evil, not rotten or bitchy or stupid or mean but evil-like she’s possessed by something that makes her so foul and the sad/funny/scary thing is, she actually believes it. And above that she says she can sense people; that she can tell when people have an evilness about them, that’s what she says: her sister has an evilness about her. Of course she can’t say the word evil like a normal person, she says it how she says all cuss words: weird. She can’t just say Oh fuck, she in fact hardly ever says it and when she does she sucks the last syllable back in so that it’s all stilted and wrong. It drives me up the wall. Since Grandpa has been dying she went up there and she’s been “praying” with him and at one point she even had all her sisters praying with them. But Aunt Peg has told her she shouldn’t do it cuz Grandpa doesn’t like it which sent mom into paroxysms of loathing. How can I blame them, she’s as nuts as can be and even though it hurts her I can’t help but be on their side on this one. When she starts talking about how wonderful church was or how blah blah blah she says now I know you don’t like hearing about this but…yammer yammer anyway. She’s a kook!

Coworker arrived so now I’m off to work-ish.