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01 September 2006 @ 11:40 am
Met up with Shivu, Josh, Ishani and Alicia up at Gameworks last night. I had never been there before which is kinda surprising considering I have a near permanent residence in woodfield. We played all kinds of games-this hot air balloon thing where you bounced up and down, tons of air hockey (Josh killed us at that), this snowboarding thing-that was hellafun but the best of all was DDR!!!! I haven’t played it since Matt brought one to me for college graduation over 2 years ago. It wasn’t quite as fun as those first times in Adam’s room spazzing wildly playing but it was still good times. Ishani and I totally sucked at it and at one point there were 3 of us doing one pad and we still couldn’t get a decent score. But, we had FUN! I’ve got a couple pics on my camera from it which I hafta upload, particularly cuz Ishu’s wearing MY shirt! Well, it isn’t really my shirt but it did live in my closet for a long while in the dorms, mainly because I stole it from Shivangi all the time. Looks a helluva lot better on her anyway, skinny little teenager.