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A conversation overheard in the public toilets this morning:
"...love mine. It has tassels and silk loops."
"I just love my fanny pack. I have one in black and one in brown."

People please. Fanny packs are not the answer. They're on the same list as mullets. A definite no!

And, upon reflection of this event, as I've said before. All bathrooms should be made soundproof, completely. Above and beyond protecting you from the embarrassment of sounds you make while doing what must be done in there, soundproofing will prevent that awkward conversation you enter into when in the bathroom. You know the type I mean. The conversation you and your potty buddy start while waiting in line which carries over as you two enter the stalls, which continues in stilted awkwardness or ceases entirely while you and friend do your necessary. Soundproof walls would inhibit any attempt at carrying over the conversation.

And finally, the outer door and walls of a bathroom should contain some sort of cell reception deadening device. There is nothing more bizarre than someone talking on their mobile the entire time they're in the bathroom-line, business and washing up. Just because you feel comfortable letting the person on the other end hear your business does not mean that they are comfortable listening or that the rest of us in the bathroom are comfortable with it. When at home, do what you like: Hold a press conference from your toilet seat if it catches your fancy but when in public DON'T.