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28 August 2006 @ 08:53 am
Today is the first ever first day of school where I haven't actually gone to school. Bumped into Carrie on the train, she's out at Roosevelt now and starting her MLS tomorrow. I've known her since the glory days at Bartlett when Patti was still alive and running circ. She seems good, quiet in her own Carrie way.

Weekend was quiet. Flyers game on friday, fun. Work on saturday and sunday with Dee, who despite being nice always makes me feel like the snot-nosed upstart. Got fed up with Brian, guys are worthless till about 6 months after their 21st birthday, he's got a year and 6 to go.

Started watching Brick last night, finally. I'll finish it tonight, it's pretty good so far. Am exceedingly moist right now as I had no idea it was supposed to rain. Discovered my purple cons have a hole in the sole (ha, I rhymed!) by dint of a very wet right foot. And despite a time consuming get-ready this morning the humidity and dripping rain has done a number on my hair so it's frizzed and poufy in spots and wet and sticky in others. Yuck. My sweatshirt and umbrella are ranged around the office drying out and I've already paper toweled the hems of my pants...what I wouldn't give for a hair dryer or a dry pair of socks!
Current Mood: irritateddrip drip drop