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20 August 2006 @ 07:17 pm
I ate so much today I think I'm gonna die. We had breakfast at Walker Brothers, then did some grandparent visiting then Woodfield! Yay! Then home and Christie and I hit Stratford. Bumped into Shivu and Ishani there. So now Christie's met her too. Found this mad wicked store called Urban Behavior which had really killer clothes really really cheap. So cheap that I'm returning the shirt I bought at H & M cuz it's just too expensive, and truly not as cute as the other stuff. Home to BLT's with the fresh tomatos and now I'm gonna esplode.

Met Ishani, Shivu, Josh and Kajari at Olive Garden last night, then hussled off to hang out at Ewa & Joe's. Chilled with them, John and Mindy and Bob all night watching Old School, Wedding Crashers and playing mad gab.