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16 August 2006 @ 09:21 am
That 9/11 Flight movie earlier this year ticked me off and now after seeing previews for the World Trade Center movie and hearing about it, I'm really upset. My coworker last night told me she had taken her son to see it and how it wasn't political, it was just a nice story about two men who were trapped and their families. That is not all it is about. Wrapping the entire story of 9/11 into one movie about a couple of people can't possibly come close. I still can't believe they made a movie of it and so soon. The thing that really set me off is as I was reading on the train this morning the characters were discussing the construction of a disputed emergency runway. The mother says "And they're building more now because extra runways are really important if...well...if you suddenly have to land every plane in the country all at once." That caught me, just thinking of the image of every single plane in the air getting grounded and the horror and fear of that day. The gall that they could and would make a movie out of it floors me. This isn't about the heroics of someone on the Titanic or about surviving a natural disaster, this was real, awful and real. I remember huddling around our tv in the dorm, listening as news poured in. I remember frantically calling friends and family to make sure we knew where they were and that they were alive. I remember being frightened the first time I saw a plane in the sky afterwards. And yes, dear coworker it is political. The simple fact that they don't "have all the reasons behind why they attacked, it's just a nice story" is political, it's watering down the issue til there's nothing left but an after school special. I'm ashamed at everyone in the movie. How could you have the unabashed ego to participate. There are still tiny children, little kids who will never understand why their mommy or daddy didn't make it out and why shouldn't you make a movie about them. So, Oliver Stone take your big budget smarmy attempt to cash in on sentimentalism and go crawl into a hole. This is not the time for an uplifiting tale of heroic survivors, if you want that watch Lifetime, this is the time to still think about what's happening in the world. To understand why there are people and countries out there who hate America. It did not end just because two guys got pulled out of the rubble and made a touching bond, it's still real still scary and nowhere near over.
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