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07 August 2006 @ 09:16 am
Went up to Wisconsin this weekend. Stayed at Ewa's folks' cabin. Had a good time. Got there bout 12 on friday night, chilled til 2:30ish, crashed out in the comfiest bed I've slept in in recent memory. Saturday went to Noah's Ark, it was my first trip to the dells. Driving in the place put me in mind of a scene from Ecstasia or that city that lured the parents out in Spirited away. It was some kind of hedonistic water filled theme park wonderland that made my teeth hurt. The water rides were fun but it is not my idea of a good time to pay to prance around in public in front of hundreds of people in a bathing suit all day, while cringing from the sun and knowing full well that I'll be uncomfortable and funny colored for the next 3-7 days with sunburn. That aside, the cabin was beautiful. Out in a secluded birch forest with tons of land. We took the ATV out for a teensy second saturday morning, never been on one of those-that was fun too. Jenny got sick, really sick by the end of saturday so we left early yesterday. And thank goodness, still didn't get home til 7:30.

Quote of the weekend: "Oral is good but rectal is better."-Ewa (on where the most accurate place to take a temperature is). Thank you Nurse Ewa.
Second best quote: "Jirranosaurus Rex."-Matt, and he's going away to college next week.

Zach picture's from the wedding are up on snapfish, though there are 486 in one album and 160 some in the other, I have yet to go through them all. The ones I've seen are great and I'll hafta do a big post with pictures later, yay for pretty dresses.