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04 August 2006 @ 03:37 pm
Our train this morning was "Metra apologizes for the inconvenience but your train is running 5-10 minutes late." Then, ding comes the intercom, 12 minutes, then 18, then 22, 28 and finally 32. We were 32 minutes late pulling into union. Made for kind of a nice walk in since I had my note from the train saying it was late. It's like a note from your mom, cept from the evil shrubs running metra.
So, I arrived in the building at 9:20, mad wicked late but justified and not my fault, for once.

Plus side: today is my FIRST PAYDAY!!! Waahoo!

It's all I can do to not leave for lunch and dash over to the Diesel on Rush where Kill Hannah is doing another free show. I want to for so many reasons:
1. Who wants to work on a gorgeous day like today?
2. I'd like to test out my Mat Devine theory
3. Even should aforementioned theory be incorrect, it'd be swell to gaze upon them again
4. I love shows, and free shows even better
5. And passing by Grant park this morning trapped in the bus to work, thinking Lollapalooza will be there, mad fun moments from me and I'm stuck here behind a computer all day. That has to be criminal.
04 August 2006 @ 04:36 pm
So, after all my whining about Lollapalooza, listen to this!

Sam and I had planned to have lunch today. Since it's so lovely out we did a picnic on the steps and you could hear the bands all the way out here. I was humming along, not really registering what I was singing. Checked out the schedule when I got back up here and you will not believe who we were listening to.


They were one of the bands I wanted to come see in the first place, and one of them that I missed not going to the Summerfest. Wheeee!
Current Mood: surprisedsurprised
04 August 2006 @ 08:23 pm
This has been quite the day and I know you must be sick of all I have to say by now. One more little squeal before I leave. I did sneak down to the steps to listen. And though it was short and a little hard to hear and sorta guiltyfying I managed to catch Panic! At the Disco play 2 songs.