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02 August 2006 @ 11:35 am
Do you ever get tired of using the same words over and over again? On my list today: opportunity, experience, interact and different. It is a sad state of affairs that when we write information for mass dispersal, like a web site, we are limited to a strict vocabulary set to be certain everyone can understand what we’re saying. I want to use a synonym!
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02 August 2006 @ 11:31 pm
Caught the early train so I had plenty o time to freshen up i.e. replace the makeup I had sweated off and perfumify.

So, busted outta here to hit the walgreens for a disposable. I still can't find my camera from the wedding. I think I left it at the Jedrzejczak's, it'll turn up. So, anyway I get my camera and head out when I finally get ahold of Bridgette. Wandered around Tower talking to her, got in line still talking. They were doing a soundcheck so I wanted to go, hung up and slipped into conversation with the girls next to me. Jenny and Emma from Depaul and BYU respectively. So we chatted, then filed into the little room where they did the show. We were so close! My crappy tastic photography skillz will show you tomorrow, but we were like 3 people away and there was no gate or anything. A very intimate show. Mat was funny he was, and I quote "This is a weird setting. Cuz you're all so close and I'm so close. I don't like that, you can like see my pores." We laughed. They played Lips Like Morphine, Love You to Death, Black Poison Blood, Crazy Angel and ended with I wanna be a Kennedy. Mad gorgeous boys, and super nice too! So they ended and went over to the signing table. I was amazed at how friendly they all were. Dan signed first, then Mat and he reached over and shook each person's hand. Wicked friendly and sweet. We got all our stuff signed, took some pictures from afar then waited. We hung around til they finished signing autographs so we could get a little closer. Joe, the stand in drummer, was milling around and Jenny wanted his autograph. I had come armed with my silver sharpie so when he said he didn't have anything to write with so I produced my pen and he signed their two and I said, can I be a pest and ask you to do mine too? And he said "you're not a pest." To which I was like, awww. Thanks could you tell that to my sister. Which he said, is she cool? And I said no-that's why you need to tell her. So we hung around some more. Jenny straightened cds, we chatted aimlessly and gawked. As things were wrapping up we stepped up. Asked Dan if he would take a picture please. He had to stoop down for Jenny and Emma, then I asked too and I said sorry. You gotta stoop really low. He asked how tall I was, I answered then la di da. More milling around as they chatted about where they were gonna go. THere is nothing going on in the burbs on a wednesday. Hell there's only like 3 bars in the vicinity they played, only 1 that I would ever consider going to. You gotta drive all the way to schaumburg for stuff and even then on a night like tonight it'll still be dead. So some other girls broke up their conversation to get hugs and since they drifted apart Jenny, the brave one asked Mat if he'd take a picture with her. She and Emma got one, then me. And, squeal like a fangirl, he squeezed my shoulder. I got home and my hair looked all bouncy curly and my makeup was still fierce so the joke I thought Emma was making about Mat checking me out was possibly not a joke. Hmmm, perhaps I shall treasure that half a thought and have sweet dreams. I'll get my film developed tomorrow and then have some pictures up. On the way home Q101 was doing it's new dammit and they played Lips Like Morphine. So I called and was all, you've got great timing! I just came from the Kill Hannah show and they were awesome and so friendly and I remarked on how they were friendlier than I'd be if I was famous and the dj asked how I'd be and I said I'd be that ice queen bitch who says go away from me I'm famous. So, then after the next song, lo and behold I was on the radio.

And, side note. Since I haven't eaten since my rasberry bar and coffee at my 3pm Corner Bakery stop, I just devoured half a bag of baby carrots. Mmmmm.
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