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27 July 2006 @ 04:11 pm
Brian and I built Christie's loft this morning. Had to shift some more furniture around to make it fit. But it gave me the impetus to cull my flip flop collection, removing a ton of them from the floor of my closet.

In the process I found a pair of boots. THese boots are the result of an impulse buy, who can resist a pair of shoes (a pair of black shoes? with 3" heels?) marked off 80%? I can't. However, they're a size and a half bigger than I normally wear and since I'm 4'8" my lets are very short thus, they're too long. I've been trying to pawn them off on friends for ages. I can't in good conscience throw away a pair of shoes no one has ever worn just cuz I bought the wrong size. But alas, no one I know wears a 7. If you want them, comment. I'll use my mailroom skillz to send them to you as a pressie.