July 23rd, 2006

tartty jonne

Can we amputate please?

Can we amputate please? My legs are so sore. I stood up in Ewa's wedding yesterday. It was amazing and I had a wonderful time. It was a fairy princess wedding. I was up for approximately 20 hours, 18 of which I was on my feet smiling for pictures in my 3 inch cinderella princess shoes and approximately 4-6 of those hours at the reception dancing like a fiend. Polish party? Can we say mad lots of techno fun. Can we also say blisters rubbed raw and charlie horses from bouncing for hours.

-Martin, Ewa's cousin. Drop dead gorgeous emo boy. Too bad he's 15, oh and is freakishly interested in his cousins. Boy can dance.
-Tadeusz, Ewa's cousin. Cute, shy. Yes you know your cousins and your english is dicey but come, speak frenchpolinglish with us, we're way more fun. I love it when Ewa's belgian family comes in, I can actually talk to them.
-Bob, Joe's friend, next door neighbor and my groomsman. Cute, dimples and blue eyes for joy. Madly in love with his beautiful sweet wife. But so charming, kind and fun. Life of the party, wedding video-where's bob. Ha.
-Wedding video, videographer looked like a coke head. Creepy man.
-Band, suckyish. Joe and Ewa's dad are not allowed to make decisions together again.
-Bridesmaid's dresses, prettier than any of the others we saw.
-Anita, cutest flower girl ever.

Conclusion Polish wedding is most fun ever! Also, will not attend another of these things single. Too damn awkward. I want someone to dance with on a slow song. Must not lust after best friend's underage relatives.

My little Ewa is married!!
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