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11 July 2006 @ 03:23 pm
So, we redyed my hair last night to freshen it up and fix it before the wedding. Well, it sorta sucks now. It evened the bottom stuff out but didn't take on the roots and a patch on top, so now I have a chunk of hair lighter than the rest. It'll be covered by the updo in the wedding but now for everyday it just sucks. We took the dye off and mom, who did it for me, got all sad because she's responsible well I'm sorry she has no right, It's my fucking head that looks stupid. That totally pissed me off. And she kept saying "it looks so much better than it did before, it's much more even." But I think it looks like crap, so if it looks better now how much worse did it look before. And it bugs me that she didn't say anything, just insinuated for 2 months that my hair didn't look great. Fucking just tell me already. If in the future you see my hair with distinct stripes of messed up dye job, tell me for goodness sake. Sit me down and say Becky, you need to fix your hair. Not, it looks really red on top. That makes me think I have a sunburnt scalp, not that my hair is effed up.

Then to top it all off, the dye stench in the house gave me a pounding headache. I woke up for my long day - volunteering at DCM then work tonight, with a splitting in my brain. So, after all this I shall feel like poo all night. And because of the terrible weather, my stupid hair has decided to go frizz mania.

I would also like to request that people stop telling me:

1. Oh, I saw them do someone short/I have a friend who's short-probably shorter than you. You do NOT know anyone shorter than me unless they have a medical condition like dwarfism or being a midget. Do not possibly deem to tell me you know how I feel. I have never in my life met a single person shorter than me, and for god's sake don't ask me how tall I am. I am not a circus side show.

2. I have curly hair too. I use blank product to make mine work. You should try it. My hair is curlier than yours. If you can blow dry it straight sans flat iron or sans permanently straightening it, stfu...your hair is wavy. Yes I have straightened my hair once. It took 3 and a half hours and looked exactly how most curly hair looks when straightened-dry and poufy and frizzy. I do not want to get my hair permed straight, then I will look just like everybody else and have mediocre straight hair when I happen to enjoy my curls. When they are pretty and doing what I want them to do I have exceptional curly rapunzel princess hair. And I like it that way.
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