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09 July 2006 @ 11:27 pm
I'm melting melting. It's like 7 million degrees in here and I can't stand it. I want AIR CONDITIONING!! Went fishing with Dad today, did not catch a blooming thing. in fact we couldn't even get stuff to bite our worms. Went to see Pirates 2 today. It was good, not stellar but good. Stay til the end and there's a snip of a scene after the credits roll. Shishkabobs on our new grill for dinner and then I got to make s'mores. Real s'mores. I made up a little marshmallow song but I forgot it. Then I burnt stuff on the grill-skewers, wood chips. It was fun! Watched a bit of tv with the folks. Have been introdued to an awesome band, Lovex...Finnish and absolutely impossible to find here in the states. Can only find them to download in odd places, have pinpointed a german site but my dear gal may be able to hook me up. Much love to her if she can. In other news, Julia has assured me that due to my insistence she painted pennies onto the fire hydrants while she painted them for her summer job with the park district. That thrills me more than it should and sister-do you remember the pennies on the hydrant in front of our house in buffalo grove? Cuz that's where I got the idea. Muahahah. Off to bed now and to melt some more. Tomorrow, I am spending my entire damn day in the a/c. Ikea, ulta, linens and things then starbucks after that.