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Went down to the Taste (Taste of Chicago for you non-chi-towners)tonight for the fireworks. Walked up to Grant park from Union and from there, since Ewa wanted to show Chocha and Anya the city (they're in from Belgium for the wedding) we walked up to Millenium park then all the way to effing water tower. Took a cab (smushing 5 of us in the back-a testament to our skinniness, yay diet!) up down from water tower back to millennium park but since the taste is in full swing basically that entire chunk of the city is a mess, so we had to walk back through the taste which was ridiculously crowded. THe fireworks were pretty cool, but so far away you couldn't hear how loud they were. I like the noise of fireworks. We had set our blankets out in the wrong place and had to rush over to the fireworks spot when they started. On our way out we cut through a hedge and I was holding it for our crew when I see Lauren (random chick) I went to high school with. Bizarre. Of all the 3 million plus in the Chicago metro area and the thousands of people who were at the fireworks, I end up bumping into someone from our suburb. Weird.

So, moral of this story is it will not be an annual event. i'm exhausted and my feet HURT</i>. Plus I was all hot and gross all day.

But, Happy Fourth of July!!!
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