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30 June 2006 @ 12:36 am
So, funny story.

Bridgette texted me so I called her and here is what she had to tell me:
First, context to her story:
Easter weekend we went to a party at a friend of Alicia's from work, Rhi. There was much amuseument from that night, however the pertinent facts are these. Wandered through the party to the back room, started chatting with random guy who was kinda cute and had similar taste in music with me. He was all animated about seeing 45 grave at the New Daisy with like 12 other people. So the show was all intimate and afterward they gave him a bunch of stickers. I was enthusiastic about it so he popped up and got me a sticker. We kept talking a bit. Bridge, Alicia and I then left. Rhi was supposed to get the dirt on him cuz he's her boyfriend's housemate (single? number?) but nothing ever came of it.

So, what Bridgette told me today:
Rhi had a birthday party over the weekend and Derek (is his name) asked if her UofM friends were coming. B and A were supposed to go but were tired from the work they had done that day (a Pokemon event-which I have not yet begun to give them crap about). So they didn't go. Apparently Rhi called Aliica like 6 times from the party and the reason was this. Derek showed up to the party early, stayed late and pestered Rhi to call them/us to come, she got fed up cuz he was looking for me. Awwwww.
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