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25 June 2006 @ 04:50 pm
Well, another thrilling moment in my life.

Yesterday spent with the family, the whole family at the zoo. It was fun. We haven't all seen each other since I was home at Christmas so getting to see Mom, Dad and sister together was fun. We bought expensive silly food and funny souvenir stuff. Haven't done something that frivolous in ages.

Shivu called while we were out to supper. I didn't answer. I've been doing that to almost everyone. What do I say? No, I would love to hang out with you but I don't really think I can because my stupid grandpa is supposed to kick it tonight? At least when I lived in memphis I could avoid this trap but now, if I don't go see those fogey creeps every damn day I have off, then Mom lays in this massive guilt trip "well, you really should have gone over there." I'm so tired of it. I can't have a life because I have to make sure to kill the middle of my day by going up to visit with their decaying carcasses every damn day. I can't wait to move out, get away from this vicious cycle of doom and gloom.

I can't wear what I want cuz it's all "be respectful, you're seeing your grandparents." I can't do what I want cuz it's all "go see your grandparents, you'll feel bad if you don't." Well dammit, I won't! Just because she is all guilty guilty guilty doesn't mean that's how I am anymore. I effing QUIT. I will not waste one more weekend/day dragging myself up there anymore.