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20 June 2006 @ 10:50 pm
Oh ho...well I am in a particularly crummy mood. I've hit a rough patch. What am I supposed to say when I talk to my friends? Well, I'm glad life is going dandy for you. I on the other hand just finished school, the end of which I'm still reeling over, and by doing so have earned a masters degree but oh yeah, I don't have a job in my field or any job except a piddly little part time one at the library which is barely gonna cover 2 bills much less car insurance, gas or any medication (bye bye retin a) or any type of entertainment. I've been sick for over a month and oh yeah, my grandparents are dying in such a way that every spare ounce of life we have is being sucked down by them. I'm having a bit of a relationship crisis over who I want and who I should want. But other than that hey, I'm still great company right?

I just want to say, thank you to all my friends for listening to all the goobledy gook that has been coming out of my mouth this past month. I am taking the following steps to resolve my problems:
1. Tomorrow first thing I am calling the stupid doctor and telling them they need to figure out why the fuck I have been repeatedly getting sick this month. Why none of their damn antibiotics seem to be making me feel better for any amount of time. I will not use the words stupid, fuck or their damn medicine when I do speak with them, in order to get better service.

2. I am formulating a pro and con list about my relationship issues and am preparing to have a chat with Christie, my jiminy cricket and subconcious about what I should do.

3. I am volunteering at the DCM to get me more marketable and am going to hassle target in person on thursday because the guy said hold tight a few days, thursday will be a few.

I refuse to be discouraged. I will also spring for a cup of genuine starbucks tomorrow. That could be half my problem, a lack of mocha intake could be seriously breaking my spirits.