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Well kittens, here's the 411 on my life.

The job at Victoria's secret that I was so happy about has practically evaporated. So I'm back to only one job and that will barely cover the cell and the credit card. I'm really getting down trodden about all this. I need money, any money. I saw some crappy telemarketing jobs in the paper this morning, thinking I will apply for those until life turns up.

Got sick again. Kinda thinking I never really shook it from last time or just recaught it again, at any rate I spent friday feeling mighty crappy and running a fever again. Called and whined and managed to get the dr. to refill my antibiotics over the phone. If this doesn't work, I'm going to go back in and raise heck.

Saw the grandparents today, Good god are they loopy. Grandpa wants to die, so just let him already. They're miserable, they hate their life, they're making us miserable I just can't understand why everyone is pushing pills down their throats and dragging them to doctors. This isn't some young person whose gotten ill, they're old-it isn't going to get better, it will only get worse so why keep trying so hard.

Went to Ulta. Got a nifty eyeshadow, but what I'm aching for is this urban decay one I saw at Sephora which is too damned expensive for my current state of affairs.

Mom and I planted flowers today. She loves her silly petunias-we put those on the side of the house, white purple pink. But I did get my hydrangea which we put out front and named Twinkle to match the Lilac named Sprinkle. And since I like marigolds and you really can't kill them we planted two spots. Bright sunny yellow ones named Queen Victoria and orangey ones named Queen Elizabeth. We dubbed the Rose Guenevere to continue the royal theme. My fingernails were full of mud and I was a mess but it was fun.

Now I'm off to bed.
Current Mood: distresseddistressed