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09 June 2006 @ 12:00 pm
Hung out with Chrisite last night. Went out to dekalb in the afternoon, got there and we hit Pita Pete's! Made a song about my tasty chicken gyro, it was not appreciated. Played on this amazing park that looks like a castle. Jessica took pictures of me in the damsel tower, when I get them I will share. Then sister and I went shopping-fun! Got two cute new headbands and a short denim skirt which will go with my capri tights, but also is really really cute alone. I'm psyched to wear it with tights and boots come fall. It has a pink sparkly belt and pink, purple and blue stitching on the pockets. Went to walmart for the necessities, and she is still on the hunt for a bracelet. We then debated on whether to go see Just my luck at her theater, get in free and all that orrrr, to go back to the park and play swings in the dark. We chose PARK! My butt got dirty and I have woodchip crumbs in my flip flops. Hit shelley's for lemon rice soup and a shake! Mmmmm shelley's, I'm so addicted. Went back to her place and ended up watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith with Brian and Jessica too. Fun movie. Sleep, then up to take her to work this morning. Breakfast at Panera-a yummy bagel with hazelnut cream cheese. Then home, but while on the way back here I realized something very sad.

For 5 years Dekalb has been my home and very soon it won't be anymore. When I left I still had Ginger, Jess and Christie, then Ging and Jess graduated and in August Christie will leave. I will have no reason to go back there. It makes me very very sad. My world is shrinking. Two months ago I had three homes (Memphis, Bartlett and Dekalb) and I could gallavant between all of them but now my world has narrowed and soon will constrict even further. I'm beginning to feel trapped and stuck. I love Bartlett and I'd like to say I can't imagine not living in the Chicago area but I what I really can't imagine is not having a home to come back to here while I'm somewhere else. I just have to adjust but I really really dislike the idea of settling down permanently in this place; come back in the future and settle here near my family but I want up and out, I'm not ready to stop yet.
I learned this afternoon that one of my Memphis friends has totally stabbed me in the back. She's been throwing obstacles in my path for the job(s) in Memphis. That children's museum one that would have been perfect. Not only that but she's ruthlessly hurting one of my other friend's by going after an ex-boyfriend. I'm so upset. I thought better of her. I thought we were good pals. I am disappointed in the human race.

I will now go shower, put on my HIM shirt and curse the world.
Current Mood: crushedcrushed