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05 June 2006 @ 11:15 am
Saturday night:
Barbecue at Ewa's: I love her neighbors, their kid is precious. Bob is gorgeous and at one point Melanie said "Did he marry me or Joe?" apparently cuz they hang out all the time, it's quite cute really. Joe's family is fun. We watched Dr. 90210 and Grandma says "As soon as these boobs are done I'm going to bed." That will so be on her tombstone.
The SHOWER! I looked awful pretty. My shoes were so cute and finally I have a pair to match my cherry dress. Everything coordinated, whee. I got lots of compliments and Iwona has decided she's taking matters into her own hands and is gonna find me a nice Polish boy. Anita grew up so much, I swear I left and she's gotten 10 years older. Got to see Laura and Steph again, it's been a few weeks. Ewa was a bit snappish with us but she was stressed-note to self, force feed her in the morning on her wedding cuz she didn't eat a thing yesterday. The shower was at Maggiano's and the food was soooo good, (If the shower was so much per plate I can't even imagine what her wedding will cost) the cheesecake was to die for. They brought out a plate of it and set it in front of Anita. We all grumbled about what was everyone else going to eat cuz that was our cheesecake, little Anita blurts out "We have to share?!" yup, exactly how we all felt. Anyway, she got lots of lovely things. We crammed our 4 cars full of stuff and headed home. Got back to Ewa's where Laura and Sandra procrastinated leaving for Iowa, we all hung out. Gossipped and then they left about a quarter to 5. Hung out with Ewa and Joe a bit longer then the folks called and said we were having family dinner. Dashed off home and finally got to take my shoes off. Cute, but not comfy. Plus the fact that when I was getting stuff out of the car, the door shut on my ankle so today I have a big scrape where the skin came off and a lump where my body rebelled at being smushed. Ah well.
Off to return/exchange stuff. Mikasa was crap on the registry and never deleted items. So....

Oh and big news: Jill called on saturday and one of her part timers quit. Did I want a permanent part time position? HELL yes I do! So, I now have definite hours at Poplar, enough to keep me in bills I think. Whee.
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05 June 2006 @ 05:41 pm
We went to exchange stuff on the registry today. Of course, the closest Mikasa is in Woodfield. She has to go into Bebe because she's addicted, dratted Bernadetta got her hooked on shopping there. Well, now she's gotten me into their stuff. I bought a pair of Bebe flip flops.

*Squeals* I have designer flip flops.