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02 June 2006 @ 11:12 am
Can we please focus on the overwhelming aggravation of teaching dad the computer. I need to install a spike in my room for which to bang my head against.

I can giggle about my misdeeds on my own, but I will explode *kablooie* if I have to keep this simpering "Alright, Click here" business up any longer!!!!
I got my bridesmaid dress and it is very pretty. It is also a size 4 and is big!!! Sucks for alterations but woooooohoooooo, I lost all the wait I gained last summer and then some.

Got caught in traffic in naperville for.ev.er. Sandra got in at 4, supposed to be in at 2:30ish, so we got to the bridal store in plainfield right right before they were closing. But, we got our dresses, look fab in them. Dinner at fridays, mudslides yum! and then off to oakbrook for a dress for Ewa for her shower. Can I be a little vain and say that I am now the thinnest one. Her outfit is gorgeous but I'm gonna be cuter. Ok, mean girl moment over.

Went to meijer to get stuff for the barbecue tomorrow and for Ewa's guests tonight/tomorrow. That store is 24 hours. How did I not know? Ahhh, a place to while away my boring evenings. I can shop at 2am if I want.

Joe's family came in. I met his mom and grandma. They're really nice. I like them and I'm glad, even though I know his family won't really be as involved in my life as Ewa's family is, it's cool. I'm glad they're nice and fun cuz Ewa's stuck with em and it'd suck if she had mean in-laws.

Random question for all: Anybody got the Acoustic version of Everlong by the Foo Fighters?
Current Mood: happyhappy