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31 May 2006 @ 01:00 pm
Last night was my first night at Victoria's Secret! I really liked it. Short of being entirely overwhelmed learning all the stuff: bra types, names, the correct way to have sizes displayed, the proper words to use to describe the collections, it was a breeze. I imagine I'll be struggling when they put me out on my own cuz I don't know the names or styles of stuff but....to recap my first day.

-Paperwork...the ever entertaining W-4 and scads of other sign at the x documents.
-4 videos...boring for the most part and due to them being created in the early 90s, an assault to my photoshop loving powerpoint using sensibilities.
-Trying on the foundation bras in each collection to have a personal story to share....it was fun. I love trying on stuff! Makes you feel like a model.
-I work with Shirley! Shirley...the girl who did my makeup for prom 6 years ago. I am sooo excited, that has to be karmic cuz she always my favorite mall person.
-All the girls I work with are sweet and fun. They go out. So, I will have friends and a crew here again! I have been soooo alone, my social butterflyness will have fun once more!
-After work we went out to la taqueria, damn good mexican food. But, they invited me. They're so sweet and I am so happy.
-Plus, since I've been all "Hi welcome to brentano's what can I help you with today?" for 2 years I fell right back into it and was "customer servicing" it like I knew what I was doing, so I think that made a good impression.

Other fronts: Have a couple solid days at Poplar...so yay 2 jobs! I'm in the money! It's much cooler today than it has been, lovely out and all that so I slept cozy comfy. I think it helps that last night was like a normal schedule for me. I can't go to bed at 9, my body just won't fall asleep. So this morning I've spent listening to gloomy Kill Hannah songs cuz I just feel like being gloomy. Not depressed just laid back.

The wind is blowing from across the street bringing the delicious smell of wild flowers to me. I love it. I balanced my checkbook and I've decided that the extra money I've been puzzling over has been in there since before Christmas. I remember thinking my balance was too high but it never bothered me cuz I thought it was rent that hadn't cleared so now that I'm noticing the extra funds and really thinking, it must've been an error on my part in marking down how much loan money I got in the first place. So, I'm going to spend against it I think. Though I won't get down to it really, I got my tax returns in and by the time I go through that I should get a paycheck. I'm gonna try to be super thrift and save a ton so I can pay my credit card off and get a good apartmentment and a new (to me) car when I get a real job.

That's all for now. Bye darlings.
Current Mood: chippercan I be chipper and gloomy?