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30 May 2006 @ 02:37 pm
I'm tired of:
1. Killing spiders. We have some sort of inundation with arachnids here. I don't know where they're coming from but they aren't measly little daddy long legs. These suckers have some weight to them. They're creepy, gross and scaring the dickens out of me.

2. Heat. Every year Mom and dad wait to turn the air conditioning on until it gets one bit past unbearable outside. And every year they neglect to remember that their air conditioner is broken and leaks out all its freon over the winter. So inevitably, over some weekend we attempt to turn on the air to find it does not work so we swelter all weekend and some days into the week hoping for a miracle of god to provide us with cool weather. We are in the middle of global warming, the weather isn't going to get any cooler. So I am melting in 86 degree weather that according to weather.com feels like 89 because they are too damn ridiculous to fix the air or scandal of scandals, replace the freaking thing. Mom said she was going to buy more fans today, oh joy. More fans. That will certainly help.

3. In an attempt to get the coolest possible I slept downstairs last night, on the couch. Not only did I not get sleep but I have a stiff neck from sleeping on not a bed.

4. I start my Victoria's secret job tonight. I'm excited for it-for the money yes but also the prospect of being in a climate controlled building for 5 hours.

5. Since I was sick all last week I let the ball drop on finding real jobs so now I'm feeling behind.

6. Yesterday we went to woodfield. Bought Ewa's wedding shower present and spent a load on it. Then I bought shoes for my bridesmaid's dress. They're really cute, mom says they look like cinderella princess shoes. I concur. But they were $50. My cash flow is hemorrhaging the wrong direction, and it is freaking me out. Popped into sephora and got a smashing new lipstick and lusted after the urban decay stuff. We didn't have a sephora or an ulta in memphis so I drool over all the makeup. Bought a killer interview suit after exchanging aunt peggy's ugly ass graduation gift (a ring and bracelet) with $10 left on a gift card, whee. Superbonus, the suit is a 4...I fit in a 4!!

I was going to go sit at caribou and read a book to bask in the air but I didn't quite get going in time and maybe I won't. I hate summer.
Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated