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22 May 2006 @ 05:55 pm
So, this is my slightly late after post. (I’ve been swapping up computers and rehooking up internet so it’s taken me awhile and this is less spastic and excited than I should be). Oh, the poor friends and family who bore the brunt of my excited spazziness, have sympathy for them. Anyway-here’s my post HIM concert post:

Met two Larkin girls on the train in-Danielle and Alicia. They were decent girls, a bit young and highschoolish but really quite cool. Glad to have bumped into them. Got off at western and walked a ton of blocks down then got correct directions and did those same ton of blocks over and back up. Finally, we arrived at the Congress Theater where I met Joy, Jill and Nikki and her sister Ryan and Tyler. It was absolutely so lovely to finally meet them. Great girls all around and we had a helluva time. Started out in line, first come first serve tickets so we’re all waiting in line and we hear rumors that the HIM bus is across the street so we decide to go pick up my will call ticket and mosey on past the bus to see if we can see anything. Got my ticket, but we couldn’t see so we wandered back over. Some tour guy passed out shot glasses, match books and posters-all with the heartagram on them and jagermeister all over it too. Ryan and Tyler took ours back to the cars, along with all the cameras (that’s important in a sec). Some more waiting and some vicious storm clouds rolled in letting loose pennies from heaven-no wait it was hail, big hail. Our posters were safely in the car while everyone else’s got pelted to smithereens. Well, we got pelted too but thankfully I had my hoodie tugged up and Joy had her arms over my head so I was good but poor Nikki didn’t have a jacket or anything and she looked so cold and shivery. And the stupid people wouldn’t even let us in the building, damn them. So we stood outside getting pelted by hail, rain and freezing our butts off. Got inside where we milled around then when they opened the doors rushed into the pit where we were very very close to the stage. Aiden took forever to come on, they finally got on and gave a surprisingly good show. I couldn’t see much cuz I was smashed down between everybody but I didn’t think they had more than one decent song-I was wrong. Let me now observe that my throat, face, head and chest are at elbow height for most people. Very not good when they start shoving around. Anyway, I lasted through the whole Aiden set but were it not for the valiant efforts of Jill and the random girl on my left, I woulda been crushed. Aiden ended and I decided I really really needed to get out of there, so Jill gave me a boost and the people in front of me tugged so that the security guards could reach me and tug me out. Got out, caught my breath and found Jill out in the lobby. I was so relieved to see her, have a buddy out there-big hugs of happiness. Then we wandered out to pee and buy shirts. Hurrah, I managed to get one in my size! My last HIM shirt looks like a freaking dress but I love it to death cuz it means I have Ville on my chest. I’m kinda reluctant to wear the shirt cuz I don’t want to wear it out. I shoulda worn it today but I didn’t know I’d be going anywhere really. I won’t have occasion to wear it until Sunday at the earliest so I’ll decide then. Ok, back on track. Jill and I then knocked back a shot of jaeger, had a smoke and went back in to grab seats and wait for HIM to come on. They did and I jumped up and down like a little fangirl. Snapped some pictures, I can’t believe how amazing they all came out. Much much closer than the last time I saw them. We stayed in a back a few minutes then kept on towards the front. Ville was wearing possibly the sexiest outfit ever. It was the all black suit with the red tie. I really need to adopt red as my color so that come bridesmaids time, I can have red dresses cuz I am definitely gonna make my husband wear an all black ensemble at our wedding. At one point Jill let me hop on her back to see Ville cuz I once again could barely see. Random skinny guy next to us offered me a lift up to see, and I took it. Though I only got one song cuz I knew I was a bit heavy for him. The pictures I got from on his shoulders show my next shoulder friend. So, Jill and I push through a bit more and I’m up on my tiptoes trying to see anything when this really nice guy leans over and asks if I’d like to go up on his shoulders to see. I asked if he was serious and he said yeah. I was like, ok and his girlfriend grabbed my purse and he hefted me up like a daddy would a little kid. I got to see half the concert from up there. He was dancing and it was amazing. I could not believe how close I was, how much I could see. I got some awesome pictures up on his shoulders until a security guard came and said I had to get down. We had a good run, according to Mark (shoulder guy). I hopped down, dropped my camera, found it and went back with Jill. We pushed up further and ended the concert sorta on the edge of the floor. Then of course they came back out and gave us a long encore. He asked if anyone had read The Davinci Code and explained about flipping the cross over and under the sign of the….(lost it there) and they burst into Under the Rose. I had heard all I wanted to right then and more. I was so thrilled they did the sacrament and wicked game. Would’ve liked a couple others off the older cds but how long can they perform really, they’re only human. At that point I could hardly hear and could barely understand what he said. But, I caught something about Kill Hannah and started spazzing cuz if they had played too, I would’ve just had a heart attack. However, HIM was meeting up with Kill Hannah later so he couldn’t do any more than that last song is what the gist of his speech was. We chanted Black Sabbath and got a couple songs. So they ended and we booked for the door. I was very hoarse-too much screaming and too much smoking. Jill and I were still a set and on our way up to the cars we met up with Nikki, Dani and Alicia on the corner. Poor Nikki got trampled, but that’s her story. Stood there a bit hoping to see Joy, cuz she got separated from all of us. Jill and I went back to find her and bumped right into her as she headed our way. Back up to KFC and the cars where we got our posters and cameras out. Jill and I went over to dunkin donuts to get coffee and water and food, the others minus Nikki followed us, she had to go home with her sister. We all munched our food, swapped numbers and stories from when we split up. It was getting lateish so we parted ways. Jill and Joy went on home and Dani, Alicia and I walked back up to the theater to catch a cab. We passed the alley where their tour bus was parked and there was a whole ton of people crowded down there and I kinda wish I had hung out to get to meet them but I we were all still so wet and cold from earlier that we decided to brave onwards. However, lo and behold who was sitting out front of the building next door, it was Mark. My shoulder buddy lives next door to the freaking theater. He and his girlfriend, Emily, invited me in for some drinks but if we missed the 12:40 train there isn’t another til the morning so I didn’t wanna chance it. The girls and I walked back up the road and managed after a long while to flag down a cab. A not very clever cabbie cuz he didn’t know where union was and didn’t have enough change. No big deal though. We got there in plenty of time and plopped down in front of track 9 to wait for our train. Alicia and I babbled rapid fire about the amazing show and eventually dozed for a couple stops. I got off, came home and showered an evening worth of muck off me. It was such an incredible show. I haven’t been able to talk about anything else all day.
22 May 2006 @ 05:58 pm
I'm baaaaaackkkk!

I have internet, hurrah!