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16 May 2006 @ 10:57 pm
Hello hello! This is sorta the before shot. Me, less than 24 hours before I'm going to see HIM!!!! In Concert LIVE! I am sooo excited. I really shouldn't even been on but for posterity's sake I just have to say I am sooooooo excited. I've been loony all day and I don't know how I'm gonna sit through tomorrow. There's so much to be excited about-HIM, seeing it with friends, going into Chicago (my city, it's been months since I've been home, guh). I must get a fab tshirt-at least one that fits, the one I got at Voodoo is like an XL and could be a dress on me, Ewa and at least one other person. Have a disposable camera to sneak in-I'm thinking under the bra but I'll see how everyone else is doing theirs. Silver sharpies so they'll show up on black or on anything else (in case I get to meet them) and hell, I'm going down sooo early I better get to meet them. I've got some cash but I think I'll get more, just in case-I got yelled at by a cabbie one time for assuming he took cards "my card machine broken, you write check" I have to limit myself to one tshirt and one sticker/patch-broke broke broke.

In life news-applied for a couple real jobs today, not tide over ones. Finished watching the rest of this season's gilmore, I so hate the last episode. Waaah. Was told by Aunt Peg that I should call Amber-she's off tomorrow and friday, well dandy-I'm free um, lemme check, next monday. Bought the goodies for Ewa's bachelorette party today-classy (NO strippers!)Even refrained from a new earring/necklace hookup for the party. I'm trying to be good. Didn't even buy the new Raconteurs cd. Cannot wait to get a job, any job so I can buy some damn stuff. My cell bill is impending then insurance and credit card and plates-I'm gonna be flat broke soon and forced to go work somewhere abyssmal like Walmart-maybe I could unionize. Norma Rae anyone?

Tomorrow night-the post HIM extravaganza. Will definitely have to hit one hour photo on thursday! Whee.
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