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Went to the NIU graduation. Spent last night running around with my original crew. Won't bore with a play by play, but it was fun!! Jay was up, we talked comics and other such stuff long after everyone else was asleep. Resulting in us both struggling through the day. Got to see baby sister yesterday too! Was very late and I'm afraid I pissed her off by leaving to be with the friends. Apologies will definitely be necessary but this was the last time the dynamic foursome (Ginger, Jess, Shivu and I) would be together at NIU. NOw that I think about it this is very very sad. It is over, finally and officially. I'm afraid life will all be downhill from here.

I have so much more to say but the internet here is driving me crazy. I should have that situation remedied by the end of this week. And hopefully a job soon too.

HIM concert in 4 days!!!! I'm having trouble printing off my ticket. I'll give it a go tomorrow at the library but if that 3rd computer doesn't do it, I am calling ticketmaster!!!