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11 May 2006 @ 11:48 pm
I'm home. Got back to Illinois yesterday. Stayed yesterday in Effingham, birthplace of Matt...wasn't that interesting. Drove through lots and lots and LOTS of country BFE nowhere land. Unpacked my shit into a storage locker. Nearly got killed by stupid dad trying to tug my futon out of the truck. Watched him break my computer desk. Waaah.

Saw Ryan walking over to Joe's house last night. Haven't seen him in so many ages. Only hot anthropologist I know. There's a serious attractive male drought in my major, anyway. Was putting stuff in my car this morning and slipped on the wet grass. I was in shorts and my last pair of clean underwear. Got mud all over my butt and spent the next several hours hunting for where I packed my undies. Finally found them about 12:30 in a box under hangers and bedroom decorations (decorating stuff=not urgent, clean underwear=URGENT). So, I finally got to shower. Were you aware that stuff when put in boxes, multiplies? Cuz I unpacked a heckuva lot more clothes than I put in those boxes, I swear it. Returned the truck with Dad. Came home, unpacked some more, called a few folks and BOUGHT MY HIM TICKET!!!!

I officially bought my ticket to the soon to be greatest concert ever. I am so excited!!! I'm feeling mildly guilty that I spent 40 dollars on a concert ticket when I have no job and in the beginning stages of terminal poverty but I say this is my graduation present to myself. And it's HIM!! How can I say no?

Got to hang out with Ewa for a bit tonight. Went to friday's and I'm sad to say I didn't remember how to get there. It's been 9 months since I drove in my hometown and apparently I forgot stuff. Got funny gossip about her reckless sister and speeding tickets and courtdates. As well as Arthur who does some sort of racing thing like that Vin Diesel movie. It made me laugh so hard, her family sounds like they could be on the O.C.

Ok that's it, I'm done blabbering. Wait, Tomorrow I get to see my baby sister and Ginger!!! It's been 5 months and 9 months respectively since I've seen them, wheeee sisters!!! 'Kay, goodnight.