May 4th, 2006

tartty jonne

Dead man walking

I'm about to walk onto campus as a student for the last time in my life. One more final and then I'm done with school for all time.

This is just a moment. I can step aside and let it happen. Or I can curl up in the corner and mourn my last day. I'm gonna need lots of diverting today.

2 days til graduation
Mom and dad arrive tomorrow. It has been so long since I've seen them.
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tartty jonne

(no subject)

I'm done. I took my last final today. I am very sad. However, I am working on being not. My parents arrive in about 14 hours so I'm off to party and forget my life is soon to be over. Must go shower. My apartment is a disaster. God in heaven and I will be too trashed tonight/tomorrow to clean it before they get here. What will I do?