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28 April 2006 @ 05:03 pm
Managed yesterday to eat and digest everything I ate. Waahoo. I even slept, though that was after a beer or two to loosen me up cuz the girls were saying I was wound up wicked tight. I began waxing intellectual on the values of checklists when Bridgette told me to "HAVE A BEER" and she said it just like that, honest. Anyway, I found this job I really want that's half an hour from my home back north, let us hope against hopes. We went to Wolfchase yesterday where we got our free panties and the people at that Victoria's secret didn't make us get the boring ones, we got pretty patterend ones! Yay! Also, got a pretty poster of Ville at the Hot Topic. Can't wait to go home and hang it up.

Just got back from The Wild, it's madagascar meets finding nemo meets um i dunno. it was funny but meh. working on the stats exam now. Grr. Damn statistics.

Went to the finerman birthday lunch this morning. It was so awkward. Office Stephanie made us pick up balloons on the way there. Balloons for a fifty year old woman who is super high powered successful. Not cool. It's over now, that's the only thing I can say.

Off to stats. Ciao
Current Music: Nightwish-Ghost love score