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25 April 2006 @ 09:20 am
I am such a total spaz. I am having the world's worst time getting used to these damn contacts. And now I don't know how to put makeup on with them. I know that sounds silly but i'm so used to being practically in the mirror when I do my eyes that I can't get the right motions going on. GUh, I am a total retard.
25 April 2006 @ 04:03 pm
I totally just fell up the stairs. I was carrying my empty but still smelly (the onions in my crisper decided to try and start new life-yuck) trashcan upstairs and whomp, fell right on my bottom. Just got back from the optometrist. And a ha! my right contact was totally wrong-o! Gave me a trial pair of soft and I go see him in a week to make sure everything is kosher. Nice little old guy and the girls were WRONG when they said I should get used to them. I know I'm a spaz but not that much.

Got my birthday present from Jess!! So pretty. A pair of earrings for glam me, a purse for cherry likin' me, a studdy bracelet for rock me, and a wrap necklace for vintage me. Yay!

Red devil is coming to pick up articles from me tonight cuz she muffed up her mid south question. I can't help but giggle wickedly at that. Serves her bitchy ass right. Bridgette says she'll come and protect me so I don't get raped, otherwise I'm leaving them on the doorstep and going out somewhere.

Printed off a slab of fic in the library. Today I got all of Closed Door. It's about 200 pages in 10 font times new roman. Stopped at kinko's to see how much it would cost to get it 3-hole punched to go in a binder and she said $5.00 flat fee. Waahoo! I'm gonna print a shitload tomorrow!!!!

Couldn't sleep last night, just hot I guess but now I'm super duper sleepy. Better go make coffee. I really need to get off this caffeine kick.
Current Mood: busybusy
25 April 2006 @ 04:28 pm
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