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22 April 2006 @ 11:18 am
I am the pretty! I have the contacts! I wear the contacts. Then I am the pretty!

BTW-I have contacty questions for anyone with an astigmatism. Jessica, sister told me you had that problem, anyone else is invited to shed their insight as well.

Question: Was getting used to focusing while wearing contacts difficult compared to glasses? I feel like my eyes keep wanting to look through glasses even though they aren't there. Also, can you kinda see the blurry edge of the contact? Gah, I'm such a spaz. Thank you.

Also: Watching serenity. Any theories on what the hell Book was that he knows all this alliance military shit?
Current Mood: pleasedpretty
Current Music: fall out boy-sophomore slump of the year
22 April 2006 @ 10:16 pm
I am pissed off. Alicia and Bridgette called me at 8:15 inviting me to some party in Mississippi. Gave me all manner of grief about who was going to be there, these friends of Alicia's that I'd seen on myspace, yada yada. I did not want to go. Went to a party last weekend. I do not party. And after comps, I spent pretty much all last week drunk and before that the entire week of vancouver drunk every night. I'm damn tired of drinking. Then a few minutes ago, they call from the party with several guys on the phone who I hafta talk to. I do NOT like the phone. I am damn tired of my friends hooking me up with people because they think I need to be dating someone. What the hell is wrong with everyone that they think I want to be with somebody just because I'm alone. First and foremost, the guys are from mississippi, I'm moving in 2 weeks, what the hell point is there? Second, they're from Mississippi (and we know no good can come from MS). Thirdly, how crap is it that you are calling from a party to say hey, you're uncool, why aren't you here enjoying all these wonderful guys? Fourthly, Bridgette has had me talking to her cousin who does not get his license back til 2008, has been in jail, admittedly only works for about 6 months then doesn't for a year or so, and currently is thrilled about his good factory job where he makes $10/hour. Score! What a catch. And last week, went to a party and the guy they were trying to sell me on who was flirty and pleasant but was also the dealer for the party, totally stoned and talking to the gold glasses elvis guy we were accosted by in the gas station in january. Ew! Jesus people. I have standards!! Let me just explain now: If I die alone because I never met anyone I thought was worth my time or up to my standards that is okay. I do not want to be with someone just because others think I should. I am damn tired of this "Oooh, Becky he's your type. You should talk to him." If I wanted to talk to him, then I damn well would've had the idea myself. I don't want to talk to him. I want to finish school and live my life. I DO NOT NEED A MAN TO COMPLETE ME! This past year Colleen explained to me that she wasn't unhappy without a boyfriend but that she was just happier when she had one. If you cannot be completely happy with yourself, by yourself that's your problem but just because you aren't doesn't mean that I am not perfectly happy being alone. And if you're a guy and you want to talk to me. Then talk. Do not put me on speaker phone so you can play video games. Because I can't hear you and I don't care how many stupid guys you beat. And if you want me to talk to you on the phone everyday, especially for extended periods of time you best have something Einstein caliber to say, otherwise you are wasting my time and I will get bored, annoyed and pissed with you then conclude that you aren't worth it in less than a month. Conclusions: don't fix me up. I don't want to be fixed up. I want to be alone and find someone I deem worthy, not that you think would be good to occupy me. I need to go away now.
Current Mood: angryangry