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I am wearing the contacts!! It's kinda freaky. I haven't worn any since high school and I finally got a pair when I got glasses. I'm not sure if this is my thing, but I'm giving them a shot.

Watched the Miss USA pageant. It saddens me for our country and our future. Those girls were so vapid, shallow and unbelievably stupid!

First round of our free panty getting at Victoria's Secret. And, bad bad me-this needs an explanation.
If you've been to starbucks lately you've seen the cup sleeves and magnets they have with the spelling bee words on them. Well, one in particular Pterodactyl, has caught my eye on several occasions 'cuz I've been into dinosaurs since I was a wee little girl. I was even a paleobio major as a freshman but didn't like the focus the program I was in took. Anyway, Bridgette ran interference and I took home the pterodactyl magnet. I feel guilty that I have no guilt.

Saw the play the Woolgatherers last night. It was out there. Kinda crap but I kinda liked it. Bridgette and Alicia showered at my place cuz their hot water heater is broken, so they made insinuations all day that they had sex on every surface in my apartment when they actually did nothing. I was expecting them to TP the place or something. But, no.

Argued with Mom about graduation. Managed not to say "I didn't invite you. I didn't want you to come so I'm doing whatever the fuck I feel like." If I can only keep it up for two more weeks she won't know.
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Current Music: down in the park-last night never shoulda happened