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So lazy today. Need to shower and run errands before the MKRG night! Ahhh, no more comps. Only orals next week. off to target and stuff...tra la la
14 April 2006 @ 07:33 pm
Ok, so I’m driving down poplar today headed to the Target. Got my starbucks super duper syrupy mocha in one hand and am listening to the Rasmus blaring out of my speakers. (The car is the only place I can really pound the music cuz hey, I got neighbors). Anyway, I’m at a stoplight and I’m in the right hand lane and right there on the corner is this funny looking blow up balloon thing that’s a guy with a sign for sport clips. So I’m just sitting there jamming out to dead letters and sweating profusely cuz I have NO air conditioning when the balloon guy walks over and taps on my passenger door. I jumped like a mile. It was SO MAJORLY CREEPY!!! He laughed, I squirmed and turned the music up more. Freaking weirdos!!!