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26 March 2006 @ 11:04 pm
And once again it's time for the weekend update:
-Got up ridiculously early yesterday, early for a weekday thus unspeakably so for a saturday to get coffee and mock the people lined up to audition for the Apprentice. It was a dandy time until they heard us laughing and began to point at us, at which time we decided it would be wisest to leave before someone made us.
-Dyed my hair again. Wanted it fresh for the conference. They didn't have the color I used last time so I got a "medium reddish brown". My hair is cherry-plum red/brown. It is sooo AMAZING!!! Bridgette is supposed to load pictures soon so I should get some with my new hair. At any rate, I'll have some by next week post conference.
-Wardrobe prepped and practice packed last night, I can't wait!
-Tried on a fabulous pair of shoes at Aldo, exactly what I've been wanting for ages. And in my size, for once! Got it to the register and I had misread the price tag-$40 for shoes ok, $84 not ok. They went back on the shelf. Waaaah. Hope I can find something cool in vancouver.
-Bought a hoodie and a headband. The girl didn't put the headband in the bag so I had to drive back out there today, took Jennifer, to pick it up. Ended up getting coupla pairs of socks and stopping at the evil store for toilet paper, batteries and a toothbrush holder for my trip.
-Did the laundry with Jennifer too. Hurrah for clean clothes.
-Helped the Bridgette move. I am one strong feisty cookie!
-Finally ate at Brother Juniper's. It was fantastic. I can see what everybody raves about.
-Just got news that one of my roommates for Sfaa has lost her grandmother, she won't be attending. Jacks up the price of our hotel by about 100 bucks, ouch.
-Heard a HIM song on the radio for the first time, ever!! Am desperately seeking a concert buddy. May have to go alone but have a few more people to ask.
-Must go finish the stupid stats now. Damn homework.

And this, the crowning glory to the evening. I found this on one of my sites: Yes, someone actually wrote a whole fic explaining Mpreg. I really shoulda paid more attention in biology.
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