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28 February 2006 @ 12:05 pm
wanna post but haven't got anything to say.

It's sunny out so I'm trying to find my inner chipper. Where are you inner chipper.

Been so long since I've done laundry I'm wearing all B-team stuff and lemme tell you, none of my clothes are comfortable today.
28 February 2006 @ 11:54 pm
Hung out with the crew tonight in celebration of Jennifer's 35th Birthday!! Went to Sekisui out on germantown for tasty Japanese food. Alicia and I have determined my new profession, more on that some other time. After dinner Jennifer decided to go and get her nose pierced. I wanna get my ear done again, up in the cartilage but I'm fiddlefaddling between that and my belly button. Needless to say I got neither cuz I couldn't decide. Told Matt I was getting an industrial and a marilyn, hoping to scare him some. Didn't seem to work. Went to target this afternoon with Alicia, bought Pride and Prejudice on a whim. She got Walk the Line. We all watched it tonight, hm that Johnny Cash was an interesting fella.

Also, today was quite the day-gorgeous out, sunny seems like the first day of spring. Hell we wouldn't get a day like this til April back home. Anyway, it brought into stark focus the fact that today made 67 days until I graduate, 67 days until I'm done with school forever, 67 days til I leave this place that has become my home. I'm scared.