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20 February 2006 @ 09:40 am
Ok, this post will be published after the fact due to the circumstances complained about within the post. My car is covered in an 1/8 of an inch of ice with more piling on. I’m not going anywhere. That’s ok, I’ve got tons of schoolwork to do. Except that this friendly ice storm has taken out the cable and internet lines so all the research I need to do to flesh out the paper which I was supposed to correct and redraft this weekend can’t get done because the research is out there in internet land unreachable by me. It also means that I can’t read fic, can’t find music, can’t email, can’t inform my advisor that she isn’t going to get anything to read from me because I can’t write the blinking thing. Grrrrr. So I’m gonna go plan my practicum report and watch a ton of Gilmore Girls. Toodles poodles.

Running commentary on my internet deprived day. I have made 22 icons today. It’s something of a record. I’m quite enjoying it. Fixating on a couple pictures and playing with different stuff on them, fun. Am happy dancing that I splurged on that chocolate bar we saw at Schnuck’s yesterday. Sweet dark espresso chocolate. Mmmmm, I’m making my third pot of coffee, second disc of Gilmore and am still making notes on my practicum paper. Yay for snow day.

Mkay, day 2 of the no internet being shut inside. Sucks. Watched the entire first season of Gilmore this weekend, why did I have time to do that? Did manage to get out a bit-chipped ice off my car for 40 minutes but got her all defrosted. Even made a song to her while I chipped-Ruby Sunshine. Went to firestone to get my tires aired up a bit, returned my dvd at the library, checked out another book-this time Robert Frost, bought ice cream and frozen pizza then home. Watched the Ice dancing and had my eyes assaulted by neon colored costumes-seriously if those colors come back into Vogue I will personally lynch myself.

Last night I was so bored that I actually just fell asleep. So so pitiful. Thrilled that I got the internet back this morning. But have already spent a ton of time futzing around and barely read anything. Gotta go onto campus to do school readings and my stats. Plus must convince at least someone that they wanna come see Hawthorne Heights with me tonight, they’re playing at the daisy and I wannnnna goooo.
20 February 2006 @ 11:10 am
We're so fucking screwed. Campus doesn't open til noon today (wussies) so we can't get to the library to get our readings or get into the lab to get our stats done and it's all due at 1:30. Might I add that they're closed cuz of a little ice and the fact that it's *shiver* 26 degrees out. Grr. I laugh at the irony of it. Now I'm gonna go catch up on my fic.