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10 February 2006 @ 09:53 am
Yes, dear prunesnprisms I concede I need to read more news. So, in that light...I stumbled on this through a friend's flist. It discusses how truly little we Americans know about Finland, they're in fact very VERY progressive. All right, I'm packing for Finland now. Anyone else?

And they have a woman president
10 February 2006 @ 07:14 pm
How much really sucky stuff happened today? How much really cool. Let’s check it out and see:
-It SNOWED!!!! However, on my lunch break as I was running around in it in the parking lot, I slipped and got my entire back wet. I had to buy an entirely new outfit cuz I was so wet, straight down to my underwear. Ended up getting a really amazing pair of brown Aéro pants, brown hoodie with pink foiling on the chest and a nifty pair of black undies. However, spent $42.04 on clothes I did NOT need.
-We closed early cuz of the snow which is always fun-a SNOW DAY!!! Always gives work that expectant atmosphere and a really neat mischievous, what am I gonna do with my extra time feeling.
-Found out I am being phased out. Yes, I know I was planning on quitting at the end of the month but this takes the decision out of my hands and makes me feel stupid. I’m still not sure how happy I am about it. I will truly be glad to have free time and not have to go back into that snake pit. I absolutely cannot stand a whole cadre of the folks at the mall but I will really really miss Andrea, her girls, and the starbucks folks. I suppose it’s for the best but it still really sucks. And, it means bye bye income, so I’ll hafta live a lot more frugally-it will be kind of weird having no job. But it makes me that much more desperate to nail something down for May after graduation. I’ll see the folks from the Field at the SfAA’s in Vancouver but after that I’m gonna be checking round places back home-I’m thinking maybe the tiny museums, historical societies, etc. and definitely the libraries. I’m scared.
-Turned in my cable box today. I no longer have television. That makes me sad, but will be cheaper and I hope will keep me less distracted. We’ll see.
But, I stopped at the liquor store on the way home, got a bottle of wine to go with the quiche I’m gonna make in a few minutes and life will be infinitely better. BTW-thank you Daddy for teaching me how to drive in the snow. My Ruby was a trooper getting me home but I’m glad we left when we did cuz the roads are gonna be abysmal shortly. Ta for now.