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09 February 2006 @ 08:42 am
Less sick than I anticipated. Managed to eat all my cereal. No signs of a headache yet. So, conclusion-I was just super leftover nervous, not as trashed as I thought.

Did terrible karaoke to Me & Bobby McGee as well as Come Clean. Terrible really really bad.
09 February 2006 @ 11:22 pm
-Got great news today from John Barry--he's adopting!! Thus bought cute baby stuff tonight with Bridgette. Feel privileged cuz he waited to tell everyone else so that we could hear first. Awww, little baby time.
-Rocked it in Museum class today cuz I read really detailed yesterday while waiting for court
-Hung out with Bridgette and Alicia all afternoon, fun times--lunch with them and Jennifer as well. We're the new anthro crew.
-Bought my last book for classes and found a UofM Dad tshirt that's really awesome. Been missing Daddy lately. Haven't missed Mom, shhh don't tell.
-Found Nicole and Christine from college on Myspace
-Got shushed and guilted by the new Anthropogy Queen Miss Wendy. Am finally free of being El Presidente!!! *Happy Hamster Dance*
-Watched the WalMart documentary, they're scary evil people while eating free! pizza
-Target for kleenex, mouthwash and really cute baby dresses and socks. We're such saps. I'm so excited/happy for him.
-Spin Street where I got the COOLEST purse ever. It's boxy, black patent leather, and is a big clock! It has a clock on the front that really keeps time. It's the neatest purse I've ever seen ever! Bridgette laughed at it, I like it. Alicia wouldn't say...I don't care. It's cute.
-Did my dishes and am now going to sit with a grand cup of tea watching a movie. Not even checking fic or the flist tonight, just relaxing.