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07 February 2006 @ 11:03 am
Today is the day darnnibit. I will maintain my resolution. Been three days since I've done so, I'm a bad me.

Decided last night after not being able to sleep-new resolution is no caffeine after 5. let's give 'er a shot.

Anyway, borrowing a digital camera from the department for my project. So desperately need a digital camera. Gonna photograph the church I did for my last project for this one. Thinking ahead to the video project, since I'll have done all this work already, have an idea in my head for the short video clip:
images of this silly church interspersed with images of the hypocrites walking in and maybe a clip of some Jesus loves me bumper stickers with NIN's terrible lie in the background (heard that song yesterday and it's been running through my head).
Current Mood: creativecreative