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31 January 2006 @ 10:39 pm
1. Sunshine out the wazoo on my way in. The outfit, hair and makeup just worked this morning.
2. Funny, giggly morning with Bridgette, Alicia and John. Daddy letter in my school mailbox.
3. Good meeting with Dr. C at Otherlands-finally visited the soul of midtown. Hashed out comps, my practicum, sfaa paper and other lifey details. Tasty orange-chocolate muffin.
4. Met Colleen on campus to buy Don Giovanni tickets. Thwarted by the lack of them on campus, managed to get 'em anyway through her perseverance. Woohoo.
5. Bumped into Aziza and Jen-haven't seen Aziza in AGES.
6. Got off campus early-short chat with the cute new prof. He's so remarkably unsure of his teaching abilities, it's charming.
7. Jaunted out to Borders, closer than I thought. Got to read Outburn, they don't have Kerrang either, wah! Found The Rasmus disc I wanted and a Nightwish disc. I was thrilled to find both imports there, the Borders in Germantown is soooo the Bible belt.
8. Tooled on back to the library to return my stuff, bopping to the delightful driving tunes of Live and DMB. Returned it all, got a cd sent from a branch to the central library and renewed my book, wheee for libraries!
9. Paid for a tall at Starbucks but got a grande. Caught up with Mom. Saw Corbett-another one I haven't seen in ages. Did really interesting reading for class. While there, Bridgette called-met her down at Petco.
10. Grocery shopped with Bridge, funness. Managed to not spend a ton but got good stuff.
11. Gas for 3 cents less than everywhere else
12. Both washers were empty, got all my darks done!
13. My SfAA paper is practically writing itself.
14. My Nightwish cd is AMAZING!
15. And now Gilmore!