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26 January 2006 @ 09:42 am
Ok, so yesterday was better day round 2. And oh how much better it was.
1.My international travel form was approved, thus I can go to the conference in Vancouver at the end of March.
2. The library had my cd, so I was able to skip on over and pick it up. Yay, I get to burn it this weekend.
3. Our store did so much UPTs that we won some promotion thing and every employee gets a $25 gift card. Yes! Getting myself a present, waa hoo.
4. Andrea invited me to see Mike's band play later this month...cool beans.
5. Got all my homework done-even though I had to stay up late, but I had the proud discipline to get it finished. Go me!
6. Got a charge from blockbuster on my credit card bill-called them to say what the hell?! Turns out that is a 60 day old late fee they tacked on, oops. So when the same thing happened back in June I shouldn't have had the credit card company take it off. Sheepish me.
7. And top best thing of the day-Matt called and told me I had to stay on the phone a few minutes for a surprise that Himes' was bringing over. My surprise turned out to be Ginger! Whee. I got to talk to Ginger. Yay me.

Still not sure what to make of this new Matt thing. Trying real hard to keep the we're just friends mentality.