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22 January 2006 @ 09:08 pm
Friday-Casanova w/Bridgette, then worked, saw my manager and her boyfriend...thought I'd be over it. Was amazed how much it hurt. Came home and wallowed, cursing Chris for making us 'poor Barbara is sick' treats, they had waaaay too much caffeine so I couldn't sleep.
Saturday-worked 9-5, experienced silly mall drama, laughed it off. Went to Peabody w/Steph to see Underworld Evolution!! Fun fun movie, way gorier than the first but so cool. Dinner at Blues City Cafe where I ate icky tamales and tried Stephs ribs (my first rib experience) and found them to be delicious! The homeless guy at the door took one of the waiter's tip money-it was creepy. Went to Hot Topic and Tower as promised-bought the cutest darn skirt-it's lolita and has net and ruffles and ribbons and lace and is a small! Whee, can't wait to wear it. bought the new depeche single precious, awesome song. and topping the night off maggie moo's chocolate better batter ice cream translation=sin in a bowl. Mmmmm I <3 icecream.
Sunday-new sunday school class w/Colleen and Todd, met some folks from church, then church and dixie cafe where i ate too many rolls. I am the carb queen. then work and groceries. it's been pouring rain all day so i'm gonna go curl up under blankies and drink tea and watch movies.
Current Mood: coldcold and wet
Current Music: 10 years-wasteland