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10 January 2006 @ 04:57 pm
Ok folky folks here's the 411 on my life.
Friday-went to the fishing and outdoors show with Dad. Awesome fun time! I got a pretty purple backpack to replace the one I killed as a carryon. We got these really cool new toys called space bobbers which will hopefully help us catch lots more fish this summer. We tried to use them in the bathtub-there wasn't enough room. Had a really long talk with Mom-she straightened my head out and we're cool again. I'd been dying to tell her anyway so the weight of the world is off my shoulders.

Saturday-packed all morning, went over to the laundromat to help mom, did a bit of last minute shopping a la Walmart, library to print off my ticket after all that United hoopla I was taking NO chances, bookstore with Dad, picked up a magazine for the plane and a calendar for my kitchen, Church-which was awesome! Axis is back on saturday night so I got to go to a service I actually enjoyed/learned from. Went out to Friday's with Mom and Dad for dinner-tasty tasty food, then home for a little Return to Me watching and some sleep. Mom coughed like death, I'm worried about her.

Sunday-waffles by Mom, which actually tasted kinda yucky but she doesn't need to know that, then we played backgammon forever, beating each other soundly the whole time, hassled dad to get out of the house, hit Portillo's to eat in the airport while waiting for my flight, O'Hare, the inevitable sad goodbye to Mom and Dad, then frantic phone calls to Colleen to be certain she was picking me up, plane-my book ran out as we were taxiing to leave, then home. Colleen picked me up, dumped my luggage here and out for dinner, then back here to unpack and chat-catching up for hours, missed her.

Monday-got up lazy, began reading Good Omens, loving it, dishes, worked at the mall, over to Colleen's-she wanted breadsticks so we went to Olive Garden, nummy silly dinner, then fun shopping at Carriage Crossing-they have a Parisian which contains a JIGSAW!!! I am psyched, will hafta save up for the pretties I saw, bought a pretty pink velvet skirt, can't wait to wear it, Target for tiny errands-got a Swiffer!!! home, read more and did Bible study, then sleep

Today-refused to get out of bed when I woke at 8 as it's my vacation, lazed in bed til 10ish, got up read a bunch, breakfast, took down my christmas decorations, talked to Ewa-feel guilty 'bout ditching her on Saturday, showered, paid my rent from now til april, went to post office to collect my mail which wasn't there, mailed a package and got new stamps, came back to find the entire 3 weeks of my mail crammed into my tiny box-I can't get it out, shredded my Delia's catalogue, grr, watched some Viva La Bam and now we're caught up. Dying for a coke but have none. Must stop on the way to Colleen's and get one.