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03 January 2006 @ 12:24 pm
I have had yet another on the train commute epiphany. I've always wanted to have some crazy rockstar life, hectic and frantic in the glitter. But, walking down Adams today seeing my reflection in the windows, sharp in my pink coat, black trousers and little blazer thinking man, for who I am this is pretty cool. I've got a pretty nifty life, all amid the hustle and bustle of Chicago with the everyday respectable businessmen rushing to their jobs like ants in their uniform black wool trenchcoats while I zip past buoyed by them but not bogged down into the boring office drone of the loop. I sometimes feel like the lady in the red dress, I know I belong where I am, I fit and weave my way into the city but damn if I don't stand out. The new year has started with new thoughts and new ideas-don't know if it's Kerouac informed or resolution thought, but either way hey hey, here I come!

All these early morning epiphanies make me wonder if I am actually a morning person and what exactly is causing my brain to suddenly function in the city rather than anywhere else. Used to do my best thinking in the shower, now it's done from Union Station on out to Lake Shore Drive—go figure.