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16 June 2006 @ 11:31 am
CKY show and GLOMB!!!  
The show yesterday was amazing! I got to see the the girls and we had a blast!That is after I finally found them. I parked by the theater, since I came the back way. but they drove in from Beecher so they had taken north avenue and parked on the other side. So after approximately 10 aggravating minutes of thinking where the hell am I, I finally found Jill who led me to the rest. Big hugs all round, good to see them all again. I'm gonna hafta go visit sometime, since I've got the car and the time. Wandered charlestowne the teeniest bit then hung out at the show. We were on the fence in front of the stage so no trampling for me! Made friendly with the security guard, he was pretty cool. The skate demo was killer, the bits I saw ducking round people's heads. I'd never seen one before. Right after that who comes out of the bus but GLOMB!! He was way cool, talking to everybody and stuff. He was taking pictures with everybody, and some guy who had come up to get signed and pictures kept holding people's cameras and taking their pics and Glomb used his back to sign stuff. So, he was like this guy is cool and handed his camera to somebody to get a picture of him with random guy! Joy and Dani and I got pictures with him, so nice and obliging. More random hanging out and squeeing over meeting Glomb. While later he came back out of the Jones bus and was signing stuff, I didn't have anything cept my shirt and it is something I really like to wear so I didn't wanna ruin it. So, I pulled out a blank check from my checkbook and asked him if he would sign my check. He took it and said to the emcee guy, hey lets go have fun waving my check in the air. I laughed and said you won't get far on it, to which he replied well then I'll give you a million dollars. So he wrote a check to me for $1,000,000 and signed it!!! So cool! Then some random band ASG or AGS opened. They rocked , but Glomb was hanging in the front of the bus watching everybody and listening to the band. Jill came back at that point and I got a couple drags off her cig and Nikki offered me one, which I couldn't turn down. So Nikki and I are smoking on the fence, Glomb is inside the bus and everybody is screaming glomb glomb look over here. He pointed at my cigarette, I'm assuming thinking I'm way too young to smoke and shakes his head. I held up the cig and shrugged, he pointed to his beer and nodded then sorta shame shamed me for the cig. It was cool. Then the show ended and they started setting up for CKY, who didn't take the stage til 4:30, but since I had to be in Naperville for the DCM thing, I had to leave by 4:45. So around 4:20ish when they were starting to hype the crowd up for CKY I squeezed out to go change and head off to be professional, bugger. I felt gross and was so hungry and hot. Mega sunburned. I did stop ruby right out past the stage to hear a bit of CKY, they sounted pretty great even that far away. Whisked myself off to Naperville to do the volunteer training thing and could not manage to find one single drive through once I realized I had time to get food. I ended up going in burger king, eew. Their drive thru took like 10 minutes and effed up my food. I do not like burger king really, but i thought if i can get a plain burger-it's a plain burger I can handle that. But she did not understand my "plain" request and there was a whole ton of crap on it which I did not have time to straighten out. So, I got to the museum and ate the bottom bun cuz it was untouched by stuff and half a bag of gardetto's from the snack machine. Downed my 4th bottle of water and trained. Shame that I didn't eat-started the morning hungover, still tummy icky at lunch so I only pecked at my orange chicken. Got home last night famished.
Current Mood: bouncybouncy